Arnold Schwarzenegger This Speech Broke The Internet AND Most Inspiring Speech- It Changed My Life.

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  1. The first rule of success is to have a vision/goal. Without a set goal, you'll drift around but won't reach anywhere.

  1. Arnold's parent's had different visions for him. His father wanted him to join the police. His mother wanted him to stay near his family and marry a girl and have a normal life. But that's not what Arnold wanted with his life. That's what is important. You should know what you want with your life.

  1. Majority of the people don't like their jobs. Because they happened to land at their current job as a result of not having a specific goal for themselves. As a result, they lack the drive and the zeal.

  1. When you can see your goal, then all your efforts, all your hard work will be concentrated on achieving that. Visualising the goal and going after it will then become fun. When Arnold was working hard in the Gym he always used to have a smile on his face because he realised that each rep of the exercise brought him closer to his goal.

  1. The second rule of success is to not listen to the naysayers. There will always be people who will demoralize you. Nelson Mandela said that everything is always impossible until someone does it. The important thing is to not doubt yourself.

  1. Third important rule is to work your ass-off. There are no shortcuts. A lot of time is available each day if you just organise your day.

  1. Muhammad Ali, when asked how many situps you do, said that he doesn't start counting until it starts hurting. Ted Turner said that work like hell and advertise. That's what it is all about. You need to work really hard and then let the world know.

  1. Arnold hates plan B. He thinks that plan B can take your focus and energy from plan A. Arnold thinks that people perform better when there are no safety nets. People want to have plan B because they are afraid to fail. But it's OK to fail. Don't worry about the losses. What is not OK is to stay down when you fail. If you'll always get up when you fail, then you'll eventually win.

  1. The last important rule is to give something back to the society. You can only feel complete about yourself as a person when you can think about what you can do about fellow members around you that needs help. So help others in any way to realise their goals.